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Marco Navas
Welcome to Marco Navas’ online shop. We really appreciate your visit and we hope you’ll enjoy your time with us. The figures your about to see are hand sculpted, serially arranged and painted one by one in our Asturias’ study.

On occasion of the 120th anniversary of its publication, we cross oceans of time to offer you the most famous horror novel ever wrote, Dracula by Bran Stoker.
“Welcome to my house! Enter freely and of your own free will!”

- A Princess of Mars

Travel to Mars with Edgar Rice Burroughs’s John Carter. May the two moons of Barsoom light your nights under the influx of Dejah Thoris, princess of Mars.

- Space Conquerors
We've been lost in thought for quite some time…Now it's time to get lost in space!
- The Curse of Im-Ho-Tep
An unexplained mystery lurks behind the archaeological remains of ancient Egypt.
- Sherlockians Collection
Recreation Baker Street.
- The third dimension of the ninth art
Comic Collection, Blacksad, Krazy Kat, Barbarella....
- Yokais
Japanese culture.Monsters and goblins of Japon.
Joyas Literarias
- Literary Jewels

Literary adaptations of novels such as Alice in Wonderland, Moby Dick, Treasure Island.

- Delirium Collection

Collection inspired in American pulp. First we pay homage to H. P. Lovecraft.

Joyas Literarias
-Mary Shelley's Children

Sculpted tales of the artistic literary company Mary Shelley’s Children.

-POEms of muses, love and death
Collection in progress based on the Edgard Allan Poe’s work.
- Miniaturized Dreams

An oneiric world populated with fairies, wizards, dragons…

- Halloween Queens
Collection inspired by Halloween Night Queens.
Groovie Monster
- Groovie Monsters
Collection about the legendary Groovie Monsters.
historical figuras
- Temporary -Space Travel

Collection of scenes from the Universal History.

historical figures
- The Petit Collection of epic History
The human being as the principal actor of the epic journey that is the story of the world.
Militaria figures
- Military
Warriors in the different war conflicts all along the XXth Century.
 arte religioso
- The mystique of faith

Three scenes from the Spanish Semana Santa (Easter Holly Week).

Marco Navas
- Historical commissions
Pieces for private collections.
Marco Navas
- Fiction commissions
Pieces for private collections.