Marco Navas Estudio  

Fundación Alvargónzalez is like Marco Navas’ mothership, not only because his founding member Don Juan Alvargónzalez has been his sponsor and artistic godfather, but because there the artist is able to articulate the exhibitions of his work in an absolutely passionate way. The first Navas exhibition that was held by the Fundación was in 2001 and counted with 109 pieces that showed the constants of the artist mixed together in a journey through his sculptures in chronological order across the Universal History. The second exhibition was in 2008, with 125 miniatures grouped according two opposing concepts: reality and fiction. The artist plays with the notion of time in its historic meaning and also with anarchy of the time under an oneiric concept.


Expo Marco Navas

2001 in the Art Gallery Foundation Gijon Alvargonzález

- From the 22th May to the 4th June 2001

- Commissioner exhibition: Cecilia Alvargonzález.

- 109 pieces

- With these , the two constants, the place where it is located and the time that corresponds with this accounted life. Marco Navas takes an imaginary journey, led by his figures, and arranged chronologically in Universal History.