Marco Navas Estudio  
l miniaturista
Conventions presentations, discussions in which the miniaturist has been present.
Juan Cruz-Marco Navas


With Miguel Gallardo on the set of Juan Cruz’s documentary. Barcelona, 2016.



Caixa Forum- Marco Navas


Panel discussion. Caixa Forum Girona . July 2016



Semana Negra- Marco Navas


Marco Navas presenting “La Agenda Negra” by Manuel Moyano. Semana Negra book festival, 2016.




Satori-Marco Navas


Marco Navas, Jesús Palacios and Marian Bango from Editorial Satori publishing house at LA BUENA LETRA bookshop on the release of the series Yokais- Japanese monsters and ghosts. Gijón International Film Festival (FICX) 2015.



Cristina Macía-Marco Navas


Sherlockians Collection Showcase, presentation in the Ceslius 232 Festival. Avilés 2015 .

With writers Cristina Macia and Ian Watson




Dialogo entre Luis Alberto de Cuenca y Marco Navas from Marco Navas on Vimeo.



Panel discussion "paper heroes". Semana Negra, Gijón 2015.

With Luis Alberto de Cuenca, National Poetry Award 2015.

Video: Germán Ménendez , Edited by: Freakcas




Semana Negra


Panel discussion. Semana Negra, Gijón 2015.

With Miguel Gallardo. A relaxed conversation about the TEA universe and his book "Maria is 20 years old "





Semana Negra



Panel discussion. Semana Negra, Gijón 2015.

Panel discussion about Sherlock Holmes Universe by Jesús Palacios( writer), Rodolfo Martínez (publisher) , Juan Ramón Biedama ( writer) & Marco Navas.




Teatro Lliure


Q&A at Teatro Lliure right after The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nightttime, a theatrical adaptation of the eponymous novel by Mark Haddon. From left to right: Iván Ruiz (psychiatrist), Miguel Gallardo (author of María cumple 20 años), Montse Abbad (moderator), Marco Navas, Julio Manrique (play director) and Pol López (leading actor).




Panel discussion. Caixa Forum,Barcelona 2015.

Panel discussion about the artistic creation and autism by Miguel Gallardo & Marco Navas. A relaxed conversation about the TEA universe.


Semana Negra

Panel discussion. 27th Semana Negra book festival, 2014.

Panel discussion about the Holmes universe led by writer Alberto López Aroca with writers Miguel Ángel Molfino, José Goas Jul and Carmen Moreno, miniature sculptor Marco Navas and Sportula publisher Rodolfo Martínez.



sirena negra

Presentation of the second Sculpted Tales of Mary Shelley's Childrens. Celsius 2014.With Elio Quiroga, Vanessa Montfort and Fernando Marías.



animaficx marco navas

AnimaFICX Award Presentation at the 51st edition of the International Film Festival of Gijón. November 2013.



Marco Navas: Mary Shelley

Presentation of the fiirst Sculpted Tales of Mary Shelley's Childrens. Celsius 2013.

On June 16, 1816, a number of legendary writers, gathered around the fireplace at Villa Diodati, near Lake Lemán, were playing the game of creating horror tales. It was precisely there, where Mary Shelley, the only women in the group, gave birth to the most heart-breaking story of solitude and love of world literature, Frankenstein. There have since been many attempts to repeat that unrepeatable evening,  the latest being "Mary Shelly’s children’s".


blacksad Marco Navas

Presentation of the figure of Blacksad Center at The Art and Exhibition Avilés, CEMAE, September 2012.

On the occasion of the XVII Conference of Comic Avilés and in line with previous years, the organization has given us a new figure to produce.  The author is Juanjo Guarnido   of one of the most famous cartoonists, with glory and notoriety in our neighbouring country, France. The character Blacksad definitely   was a difficult challenge to address.


Brian The Brain Marco Navas

Following along the lines of other years, Miguel Angel Martin has been honoured this year. So again this year organizers this popular Comic festival has relied on Marco Navas for the development of the most popular figure of Miguel Angel Martin “ Brian the Brain”.



Makoki Marco navas

Presentation Ceremony of the figure of Makoki in the XIII Comic Festival in Aviles, Spain, September 2008.

This year the organization, is taking advantage of the work of Miguel Gallardo who was the honoured author.  They asked Marco Navas to develop a figure  of his most emblematic Makoki ...

In the photo, Miguel Gallardo and Makoki.



Marco Navas

03-02-06 .Multimedia presentation of the figure that Marco Navas, has done at the  request of the author of the graphic novel "Tina Modotti” a woman of the twentieth century" Angel de la Calle.

Marco Navas

Multimedia conferencing on painting techniques with live demonstrations . Presented  in Venta de Baños in 2006 Organized by the association MAPA.

Marco Navas

Presentation of commemorative figure at the XI Avilés Comic Festival 2006.