Edgar Allan Poe, Poe Background to Display Your Collection


Sculpted Tales, a new form of visual storytelling to decorate your reading corner. Distinguished and exclusive gifts for readers. Don’t wait for it till they run out, ONLY 100 COPIES.

POEmas de musas, amor y muerte es el titulo escogido para esta colección homenaje al maestro del terror, Edgar Allan Poe.

Poe Background to Diplay Your Collection

  • Reference: The Raven
  • Collection: POEms of muses, love and death
  • Tribute: Edgar Allan Poe
  • Material: 300gr cardboard
  • Measures: 17,71”H x 12,60”W
  • Measaures: 45 CmH x 32CmW
  • Scale 1/32


Weight 99 g

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