Dorian Gray

El Retrato de Dorian Gray

Creando Figuras Para Ti, Desde 1998.

Literary Figures

Creating Figures For You. Since 1998.

Dorian Gray

Take a Break & Have Fun With Us

We invite you to get out of the daily stress and enjoy a space of relaxation and fun. Handmade figures since 1998.

Tómate un Respiro y Diviértete Con Nosotros

Te invitamos a salir del estrés diario y disfrutar de un espacio de relax y diversión. Figuras hechas artesanalmente desde 1998.

Sherlock Holmes
Miniatures that come to life… They come out from inside the pages of your favorite stories.
They come to life… So that the author can piously hold her creation in her arms.
They come to life… To become precious objects of collection and desire, defying space and time to materialize your dreams and desires.

Lets  time flow, dissolve, stop, transform in front of you.

We invite you to take the time to get excited and enjoy yourself through the art, culture and tradition implicit in our collections of miniatures made following a careful artistic and craft process, which results in unique pieces full of magnetism, charm and seduction designed for your delight and enjoyment.

Marco Navas Studio
Marco Navas Studio

Committed to the environment.

Since our beginnings we have fought to stop climate change and its effects on the planet. Committed to the environment, we use ecological boxes made with recycled paper pulp. We believe that the sum of many small actions can make a big difference. There is still much left to do. Let’s do it together.