Baker Street, Showcase Baker Street + Complete Collection 13 Figuras.

A strange and disturbing transit of characters walks through Baker Street, are we witnessing an enigmatic case to solve? Recreate the mystery with your favorite characters. Distinguished objects of desire for Sherlock Holmes Collectors.


The Marco Navas Studio will provide you with the recreation of Baker Street in miniature, a collection of figures, numbered limited edition of the mythical characters of Shelockians universe. A total of 12 figure. Also include a custom made display case depicting Baker Street to display  the collection of figures  ‘Sherlockians’, by  Marco Navas.

The 12 characters which can be purchased individually, in a pack of 2 figures, the complete collection or collectable in 6 monthly installments, plus a final one of a Baker Street cabinet-showcase to display the collection that will include a figure. The showcase can only be purchased with the complete collection, a Baker Street showcase specially designed to display the collection.


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