Vikings, Pack East Vikings, 4 Figures + Treausure,


Bloodthirsty warriors feared by their adversaries, extraordinary navigators, sublime craftsmen… Represent their epic raids with these great miniature warriors.

Vikings, servants of Odin a collection of 8 characters + the Viking treasure. They can be purchased individually or in two different sets, Vikings of the East (4 figures + Treasures) and Vikings of the West (4 figures).

Miniature collection figures of limited and numbered edition, designed, sculpted, reproduced and painted by hand at the Marco Navas Studio, The Miniaturist in Asturias. We are not an industry, we are artisans since 1998.

East Vikings , 4 Figures + Treausure

  • Reference: Viking Treausure
  • Collection: Viking Servants of Odin
  • Sculptor: Marco Navas, The Miniaturist
  • Material: High Quality Resin
  • Measures: 1/32 Scale-54mm
  • Leader From Rus 2,95”H- 7,5 Cm, Viking Axe3,14”H- 8 Cm, Viking Rus 3,14”H- 8 Cm, Viking Archer II 3,14”H- 8 Cm, Treausure 1,18”H x 2,75”W- 3 CmH x 7cmW
  • Edition: Limited & Numbered
Weight 375 g

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