The Body Snatcher, Burke & Hare Pack.


When the dead disappear from their graves… True Crime with a gloomy, sinister and disturbing Victorian atmosphere that will transport you to the chilling nights of the 19th century.

When the dead disappear from their graves… A UK medical student becomes involved in the illegal business of robbing graves for the use of corpses in medical study. A sinister, disturbing and macabre Victorian environment that will give you chills in the disturbing night.

The Marco Navas Studio puts at your disposal the new collection “The Body Snatcher”. A collectible that recreates one of the most emblematic scenes of “True Crime”. A limited and numbered edition of 100 copies in high quality resin, designed, sculpted, reproduced and painted by hand in our Studio in Asturias. It can be purchased individually, in a pack of two figures, the complete collection or the complete collectible collection month by month, contact us.

The Body Snatcher, Burke & Hare Pack.

  • Collection: The Body Snatcher
  • Sculptor: Marco Navas, The Miniaturist
  • Material: High quality Resin
  • Included: 3 figures + staging of profanation
  • Measures:

– William Burke: 3,14” H x 1,57” wingspan -8cm High X 4 cm Wingspan

– Willian Hare + corpse + scene: 4,33” long X 3,14”width X 39,93” High – 11cm de long X 8 cm widh X 10 de high

  • Edition: Limited and numbered to 100 copies
Weight 499 g

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