Yokai, Nuppeppô, The Figure.


According japanese mythology,when any object is 100 years old, it receives a soul and comes to life, becoming a tsukumogami creature.

It is a deformed and flaccid yokai. It looks like a grotesque heap of flesh with arms and legs and something similar to a human face hidden between the folds of its skin. Its presence is being announced by a deep putrid stench. Apart of its disgusting smell is no harm. Is been told that whoever that eats its rotten flesh will get to live forever.

Yokai, Nuppepô

  • Reference: Nuppepô
  • Collection: Yokai
  • Sculptor: Marco Navas, The Miniaturist
  • Material: High Quality Resin
  • Measures: 2,75”H , 1/32 Scale
  • Edition: Limited & Numbered to 100 Copies
Weight 150 g

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