Yokai, Yuki-Onna, The Figure.


According japanese mythology,when any object is 100 years old, it receives a soul and comes to life, becoming a tsukumogami creature.

Dangerous and dreaded yokai, which adopts the shape of a gorgeous woman with black hair and complexion as white as snow. It can be found in the mountainous regions of North Japan. In blizzard nights it appeared to the unwary voyagers to feed on their breath. Yuki-Onna lets behind her a sinister row of frozen corpses.

Yokai, Yuki-Onna

  • Reference: Yuki-Onna
  • Collection: Yokai
  • Sculptor: Marco Navas, The Miniaturist
  • Material: High Quality Resin
  • Measures: 3,54”H , 1/32 Scale
  • Edition: Limited & Numbered to 100 Copies


Weight 130 g

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